Port and Maritime Solutions

IFM combines the best of Property, Asset and Infrastructure solutions with Cadcorp technology for best of breed Complete Port and Maritime solutions.

Port authorities and hydrography

Increasing public awareness of the environment, climate change and planning legislation are all changing the way that the coastal zone and marine environments are managed.

Port authority managers, environmental scientists, hydrographers and government agencies concerned with coastal management are turning to GIS and web mapping as an important analytical and communications tools alongside their Asset Databases.

IFM have created a complete solution for Port and Coastal Management solutions.

Using Cadcorp SIS and web mapping software is used by maritime organisations worldwide for:

  • hydrographic data management and map production through support of the ENC S57 data 

  • survey and charting

  • the visualisation and sharing of information

  • environmental modelling

  • Point Cloud and Terrain Modelling

We combine expertise in gathering and applying marine data to solving offshore environmental and engineering challenges, with off-the-shelf software provision and system development. Helped by our unique knowledge and relationships with key partners – instrument manufacturers, software vendors, public service data holders and standards bodies – we provide our customers with comprehensive and efficient end-to-end coastal and ocean data management solutions.

Meeting Your Marine and Infrastructure Data Needs

Our software and mapping products combine seamlessly with those of our partners to deliver tangible benefits for your business. Our skills and experience support you throughout the change process and deliver ‘fit for purpose’ solutions to meet your marine geographic and environmental data management needs more efficiently and effectively.