is the scalable Server based spatial information system designed to meet the graphical needs of Facilities, Asset and Space Planning Management, by integrating all CAD and GIS information with back office systems. SISfm Enquiry allows an organisation to Query and report on all of the data associated with their facilities though multiple browser types and allows organisation wide access as well as Public access.

SISfm Enquiry™ sits on top of ALL your business systems and provides a secure, role configured user friendly (Multi-User License) web portal that provides access to all your Property and Site data and information including CAD, BIM, GIS Mapping even photographs and live streaming Smart meters and CCTV. It facilitates access to view, mark up, print to PDF and report so this may help minimise the number of Power Users required at the same time maximise the availability of strategic data to many other users who could use it in the day to day activities. SISfm Enquiry™ Map Mobile application adds even more value by providing real time access to this information on the fly via an iPad and iPhone.

Live IFM SISfm Enquiry Customer Examples