IFM Metadata

Metadata is ‘data about data’ and is a systematic way to describe an item of data as a set of metadata fields, so many such items can be accurately classified, compared and searched”.

IFM Metadata conforms and is certified to the ANZLIC Metadata Profile v1.1 (2007) and Profile v1.2 (2011) is the latest Australian, New Zealand specific profile of the International Metadata Standard based on the ISO 19115 standards.

Comes as Three parts 

Metadata Web Application  - for searching, displaying and editing metadata. MetaServer (includes database), serves Meta Web Application, Also Add-on GeognoSIS Express for OGC WFS, WMS, WCS, WMC, WMTS, KML, GeoRSS & CS/W services. 

Meta Administrator – Harvests Meta information from 170 different GIS\CAD\Spatial Datasets

Metadata for Cadcorp SIS and MapInfo - Add-on application for integrating to Desktop Cadcorp SIS, PB MapInfo and IFM SISfm Enquiry, Enquiry.NET and e-Map.NET.

A Metadata Harvester Application (IFM Metadata Admin) scans the Files and folders from a Configuration and checks files that have been modified from the last Scan, typically this would be run in Console mode every night as a scheduled task. Every file that has been modified (say in the last 24 hours) would be read and it's metadata updated in the Corporate SQL server database. IFM metadata includes an SIS Component that allows it to read 170 different spatial datasets. This includes CAD, BIM, GIS and Image formats.

A Metadata Web Application (IFM Metadata) to allow all Staff to access corporate metadata and query, search and report on Council Datasets.

Desktop Integration with Cadcorp SIS to allow users to do spatial searches within Metadata extents and access metadata on Corporate datasets.

GeognoSIS Metadata Services

Cadcorp has implemented support for Metadata using a centralised storage area in GeognoSIS and provides a desktop integration with Cadcorp SIS 7.1 to allow the user to create, view, edit, import and export metadata. Additionally, users can harvest metadata from database sources, import Gemini 2.2 files, search the metadata repository and manage metadata records. The metadata repository can also be searched using a browser, utilising OpenSearch.

The metadata repository created and stored within GeognoSIS 7.1 is accessible through the Open Geospatial Consortium Catalog Server (Web) interface. This is usually abbreviated to OGC CS-W. More information about this can be found at . This is recognised as the preferred interface for an open and accessible metadata repository, providing a published query and update interface which is accessible through the web.

GeognoSIS currently supports the ebRIM and Dublin Core profiles of the OGC CS-W.