is the scalable Server based spatial information system designed to deliver mapping and address searching on the Internet for public access through any browser, fully integrates with Government back office business systems and GIS – inbuilt OGC WMS, WFS, WMTS, WCS service, powered by Cadcorp GeognoSIS.NET

e-Map.NET can be implemented as a standalone web page, or used as the mapping component of a larger web based application, and is fully supported as the Civica eServices and Technology One

powered by GeognoSIS

Geospatial web services engine and web map server

GeognoSIS is Cadcorp's flagship web mapping product. It makes the wide-ranging functionality of the Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System available over the web for interactive mapping applications; or over a corporate intranet or extranet for the enterprise-wide deployment of GIS applications and data.

Geospatial SOA

GeognoSIS can help to form part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is a Microsoft Windows Service that responds to requests from application code. The GeognoSIS API provides access to geo-spatial methods. While GeognoSIS performs very well as a standalone Web Map Server or Web Feature Server, it does not necessarily need to render a map.

GeognoSIS provides:

  • access to the power of Cadcorp SIS from simple spatial queries to complex GIS analysis through a comprehensive API
  • a cost effective development capability coupled with scalable deployment licensing
  • direct reading of GIS, CAD and database data sources so that no data translation is necessary, saving time and money
  • a familiar development environment with no new proprietary languages to learn
  • a flexible deployment capability ideal for distributed applications running in multi-processor, multi-server environments.

Live IFM e-Map.NET Customer Examples: