Web GIS and mapping

Geospatial web services and applications

Cadcorp offers a complete range of web GIS and web mapping products. These range from a geospatial web services engine (GeognoSIS) which can be used for development and deployment, through to browser-based end-user applications for both viewing and editing spatial data.

cadcorp offers an entry level web product - Cadcorp Map Browser - which is a free web mapping application allowing users to browse standard geographic data served on the web in OGC® formats.

Many Cadcorp corporate GIS installations combine Cadcorp SIS products for standalone & desktop GIS, with Cadcorp SIS products for web GIS and web mapping. The same data can be used on the desktop and then deployed to the web. Consistency and interoperability across the product range is ensured as all products are developed from common source code.

Cadcorp also has many customers who deploy Cadcorp technology simply to power their GIS and web mapping applications, while continuing to work with desktop products from other GIS vendors. They are able to take advantage of Cadcorp’s unrivalled ability to coexist with other GIS platforms.

The GeognoSIS web services engine aggregates spatial data before sharing it over the web. It can accomplish this in two ways. Firstly, it can read and aggregate spatial data stored at source, irrespective of the native data format. Secondly, GeognoSIS can read from a spatial database. Cadcorp provides powerful tools for the administration of such a spatial database – even on behalf of other vendors’ GIS. Under the second model, Cadcorp’s web editing solution can become a powerful vehicle for controlled browser-based editing of spatial data in a multivendor GIS environment.

In its simplest role, GeognoSIS acts as a standalone OpenGIS Web Map Server (WMS) or OpenGIS Web Feature Server (WFS). However, there is more to sharing spatial data over the internet than rendering a map. GeognoSIS also provides shared access to commonly-used geospatial methods, particularly those involving spatial searching. This is centralised processing functionality which would otherwise have to be replicated on each standalone & desktop GIS platform.

Key features of Cadcorp SIS GIS and web mapping products include:

  • an ability to read and/or write over 160 data formats ‘out-of-the-box’ without the effort of data translation and without additional cost
  • the facility to access leading spatial databases (PostGIS, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) directly without the need for expensive middleware
  • a high level of interoperability ensured by compliance with Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.® (OGC) standards and specifications
  • a Services Oriented Architecture supporting industry standard development environments
  • managed growth ensured by proven and extensible scalability

Cadcorp SIS web GIS and web mapping products include:

Web Map Editor  provides the following functionality to the browser:

  • a customisable information/loading screen with a map frame
  • main map windows with optional watermark/copyright text
  • key map
  • navigation controls
  • overlay controls
  • data extract
  • interface options
  • measurement tools
  • redlining
  • printing
  • gazetteer – via Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or PostGIS
  • querying, including customisable map tips
  • styling for user drawn graphics
  • user security and access control
  • extensible user interface
  • configurable user controls
  • overlay access
  • data construction based on the current overlay
  • geometry creation and edit (New, Edit, Delete)
  • attribute creation and edit


Geospatial web services engine and web map server

GeognoSIS is Cadcorp's flagship web mapping product. It makes the wide-ranging functionality of the Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System available over the web for interactive mapping applications; or over a corporate intranet or extranet for the enterprise-wide deployment of GIS applications and data.

Geospatial SOA

GeognoSIS can help to form part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is a Microsoft Windows Service that responds to requests from application code. The GeognoSIS API provides access to geo-spatial methods. While GeognoSIS performs very well as a standalone Web Map Server or Web Feature Server, it does not necessarily need to render a map.

GeognoSIS provides:

  • access to the power of Cadcorp SIS from simple spatial queries to complex GIS analysis through a comprehensive API
  • a cost effective development capability coupled with scalable deployment licensing
  • direct reading of GIS, CAD and database data sources so that no data translation is necessary, saving time and money
  • a familiar development environment with no new proprietary languages to learn
  • a flexible deployment capability ideal for distributed applications running in multi-processor, multi-server environments.

Easy Web Mapping with Web Layers

Live Cadcorp Web Layers Examples:

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