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0. ‘News Update’ The 2018 IFM & Cadcorp User Group Workshop Roadshow.

posted 7 Jun 2018, 21:49 by Tim Goring   [ updated 2 Sept 2018, 22:11 ]

This Year our 2018 IFM User Group Workshop Roadshow was co-sponsored by Cadcorp and launched in May on campus at RMIT’s well known Storey Hall conference venue in the Melbourne CBD. A special thank you, to Cadcorp and our Venue sponsor RMIT and those representatives who assisted.

Around 70 attendees from 21 universities gathered to participate and hear all about, the new software trends in Asset, FM, GIS and BIM; the updates, sharing their experience and hearing what each organisation was doing, what they’ve learnt in the past Year and their objectives for 2019, a well-rewarded meet and greet!

This Melbourne event, set the scene for the Sydney event in conference facilities in King Street, the difference, was we focused on Spatial and GeoSpatial technology, this was supported by a number of Local Government Councils with a focus on Government and GIS.

The Perth event followed, being staged at the prestigious Royal Perth Golf Club, this event was proudly supported by clients with interest from both the Education, Healthcare and Government sectors.


“A special thank you again to all who either, invested by providing presentations and attended the event”

The highlights of all events confirmed the value of, getting together and sharing, the true value of working together as a group, listening, learning how we can improve user functionality of software applications, and where needed, the benefits of our support methodology, with a little IFM hand holding to facilitate the smooth implementation of your project objectives and a greater transparency to create a truly integrated technology environment.

Once again there were many outstanding presentations from our Users; here are some topics we’d love to highlight; should any interest you, please contact us by emailing, sales@integratedfm.com.au we’ll be happy to facilitate access.


  •   Deakin University – SISfm Project Implementation & Rollout.
  •   University of WA – SISfm & Fibre Optic Mapping Project.
  •   Central Queensland University -Archibus Web Central Implementation.
  •   Monash University - SISfm People Manager Occupancy & Utilisation.
  •   University of Melbourne – Building Organisational Capability.
  •   Victoria University - Archibus Building Operations Management to Finance One Integration.
  •   Cumberland Council – Mixed GIS Environment through Council Mergers
  •   Port Stephens - Web Map layers Solution
  •   Cadcorp – SIS 9 Software updates.
  •   BIM – Digital Built Environment and Spatial Construction Information.
  •   New OGC/BSi shared Standards in the Built Environment.
  •   EcoDomus - New Features 2018 for PM and FM.

Craig Walker,

Managing Director