0. IFM 2017 Australian User Conference Announced.

posted 14 Sep 2015, 22:42 by Tim Goring   [ updated 29 Nov 2016, 20:56 ]

Australian User Conference 
being staged at 
the North Sydney Oval, Function Centre
Wednesday and Thursday, the 22nd and 23rd February 2017


We're confident the event, once again will be packed full of important useful information; new product releases, upgrades, ideas, knowledge and networking opportunities.

Yes, this will be a great opportunity to meet new people in your industry, who work with the same products; invest in your professional development, update your knowledge, know-how,  learn about new products and product upgrades and take time to network and build the comradery with your colleagues. 

Program & User Presentations:
This is your User Conference and we're also very keen to encourage your participation in providing us something special, perhaps a presentation; an overview of your journey, or maybe you would like to share an achievement or a resolution to an ongoing challenge. 

Please contact us to discuss, the Program content will be drafted over time and we'll inform you as and when this evolves.

Remember, the busy Xmas break and the School Holidays are between now and the time of the event, so your prompt feedback will assist us with the essential plans to ensure the event will deliver everything you and your colleagues expect and need for 2017.

Topics of discussion:


We'll be covering a variety of topics mostly generated by user suggestions, anything in relation to integration, implementation and support to,  IFMs Enquiry, IFM SISfm Enquiry, Archibus, Cadcorp SIS, Web Map Layers, EcoDomus PM/FM and Mobile Applications and more relative to Space, Asset, Facility, Works & Maintenance and Environmental Management, BIM, GIS and CAD services.


Should you have any questions regarding the bookings or if you have any personal thoughts on what you would like to see at this years User Conference, please feel free to contact

Accommodation will need to be booked separately, information is noted on the Attendee Registration Form which has been sent to all customers.

Thank you

Kind regards,

Dale Ritchie



2. New Cadcorp Web Map Layers 8.0 is released.

posted 22 Dec 2014, 01:46 by Tim Goring   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 22:47 ]

Have a look at the new Cadcorp Web Layers 8.0 with Mobile support.
Web Map Layers 8.0 is a major upgrade of Cadcorp’s flagship web mapping application. It has been completely redesigned to simplify the interface, provide more functionality, and create a tighter binding to the data it serves.

Read about the new features.

2. Cadcorp Map Express Intro Video

posted 22 Oct 2014, 22:55 by Tim Goring   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 22:48 ]

YouTube Video

2. New Cadcorp SIS 8.0 is launched with Free GIS version.

posted 11 Sep 2014, 01:46 by Tim Goring   [ updated 22 Dec 2014, 01:48 ]

Map Express - free GIS software

A free-to-use desktop product in the Cadcorp SIS product suite. It can be used to read many data formats – GIS, CAD, web, and database - directly, and without translation

What can I do with Map Express?

Map Express offers the following geoprocessing functionality:

  • spatial querying
  • attribute querying
  • tabular visualisation
  • 3D visualisation
  • map publishing in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • map printing

Map Express can be deployed as a completely stand-alone desktop GIS. It can also be used to provide data to – and consume data from – other products in the Cadcorp SIS product family.

Because Map Express is built from the same core source code as all other Cadcorp SIS products, and adopts the same look-and-feel, it offers an excellent introduction to working with the software and its concepts. 

Download here:

8. Cadcorp E-news May 2013

posted 27 May 2013, 23:35 by Tim Goring   [ updated 22 Dec 2014, 01:51 ]

7. IFM Workshops and Annual Conference

posted 27 May 2013, 22:36 by Tim Goring   [ updated 22 Dec 2014, 01:51 ]

We are currently consulting users and venues to Arrange the Local User Workshops and Annual Conference for all IFM users.

Currently we have planned.

  • Sydney Workshop end of July
  • Melbourne Workshop Start of August
  • Perth Workshop Mid/End of August
  • Annual Conference, Sydney, Late November

We will confirm dates soon, please watch this space.

5. University of Tasmania Students go Mobile

posted 10 Mar 2013, 18:45 by Tim Goring   [ updated 22 Dec 2014, 01:51 ]

The University of Tasmania deployed IFM Map Mobile an extension of IFM SISfm Enquiry, Map Mobile allows students to find Buildings and Rooms and Way find across large Campuses, Staff can use Map Mobile to access Facilities Management information 'Live' from Archibus, Time Tabling, Employees and CAD Drawings on Properties and Assets across UTAS and build Thematic Views and Queries.

Map Mobile screen shots showing Building and Room Query and Way Finding

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