Craig Walker
Managing Director

                    IFM Directors

Craig has Twenty three years experience in GIS Systems, Facilities Management (FM), Software Development, CAD consulting, Training and Co-ordination, and Customer Support.

Craig has been Director Perth Cad centre for 18 years and previously a Manager of Bonzer Bradshaw Structural Engineers, 
Currently Craig is Managing Director at IFM and Responsibilities include the project development and management of all GIS and Facilities Management (FM) projects across the customer base.

David Archer
Director, Development

David has forty years of experience in the development, marketing, sales and support of CAD, GIS and FM software for a wide variety of industries.

David developed an early light radiosity application at University College London, and then joined a team developing a major CAD system (BDS/GDS) at Applied Research of Cambridge, moving via the USA to Sydney in 1981 to found ARC Cadcentre, which successfully marketed GDS to a large customer base in both private and government sectors. In 1999 he joined Integrated Spatial Systems where he developed a range of Cadcorp applications, and ISS was subsequently acquired by IFM and heads up IFM Software development and Research.
Tim Goring
Director, Business & Enterprise Solutions

Tim has twenty five years experience within a wide range of sectors as well as team leadership positions, business development and project management experience within NAFTA, EU and APAC.

Tim has worked on large national government projects as well as with some of the worlds fortune 500 companies within the Property, Transport, Infrastructure, Software, Utility and Hydrographic sectors
Tim previously developed the support system and managed the Cadcorp Distributor network for Asia Pacific.  He was lead presenter for Cadcorp at strategic Technology forums including OGC and SDI initiatives and lead in technical solutions for Value added resellers and System integrators. 

Tims main role is Business Development and developing the IFM business and Products, roles include being the Enterprise Solutions Architect and leading highly technical Business Development. R&D in business verticals and business strategy to encompass emerging technology and industry practices.

Peter Blunden
Chairman (Non-executive)

Peter spent twenty years as an Architect in architectural practices in Melbourne, Singapore, London, Geneva, Albury and Sydney and created the first Cad services bureau in NSW, after a further twenty years in management positions in spatial systems integrators, Peter joined the University of Western Sydney as Manager Systems and Information, Capital Works and Facilities, in 2005.

In July 2011 Peter joined Integrated Facilities Management as Director of Operations.

He oversees the planning, scoping and delivery of all IFM’s projects, customer support and business governance.

Peters objective is to maintain continual consistency of Integrated Facility Management’s integrity in the marketplace